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Oregon, USA

"As a childbirth educator since 2009 working in a local hospital system, I feel a huge responsibility to support my clients to protect their birthing spaces, to understand fully how hard the fight sometimes is to feel heard, and to leave their births emotionally intact in our modern maternity culture that pushes submissiveness and fails to see the client as an individual.  

Even with a background in supporting foster and adoptive families with trauma histories, I was not prepared for the massive paradigm shift that would take place within me as an educator by taking Billie’s Trauma-Informed course. This course blew my mind, because it drove the urgency home that something needs to change and that I – ME – I could be that change for the families that walk through the doors of my facility. In fact, each of us can be that change. 


I left my training with a very deep understanding of how trauma operates in the body and tools to support healing when it’s present. 

There is nowhere else that this type of training exists! It is worth every penny and I am forever grateful to have had this opportunity to grow as a birth professional.  

Thank you, Billie!"

Bethany Griffin-Shetler

Oregon, USA

Childbirth Educator

Hamburg, Germany

"I have been a midwife and lactation counsellor since 2008, a practice owner since 2013, and a trauma consultant since 2014, in addition to being a nutritionist, maternity nurse, childbirth educator, and trained doula. I work with couples specialising in taking care of mothers who have lost their babies.

In searching for advanced training, I found Billie’s trauma-informed education. At the beginning I thought that I already knew everything and that there would be nothing new for me. But I was wrong! Her training information has magically improved my sensitivity for trauma! I thank her every day for having found her training - it is based on sound knowledge. Not only in the field of stillbirth but in the whole field of trauma.


I learned a lot about myself and my work. I am now even more qualified as a midwife to work with parents experiencing pregnancy loss or stillbirth. My perspectives have become more acute and I have started to look for further ways to offer help for parents who are dealing with trauma or loss. At any time, I could count on Billie’s support. 

I thank her from my heart for this great work."

Janette Harazin

Hamberg, Germany

Hebamme (Midwife)

Queensland, Australia

"Last year I completed the Trauma-Informed Perinatal Professional course. The course was extremely comprehensive and exceeded far beyond my expectations. Billie's years of wisdom is vast and compounded with her extensive research, this course is a must for any one who works in the profession of birth support. 

I’ve worked in supporting women and their partners in birth for over 25 years, first as a traditional midwife and now as a doula. It wasn’t until completing Billie's course that I realised I previously had very little skills to help women who have experienced traumatic births move through their past trauma and prepare them for more empowered subsequent birth experiences. 

I am so grateful; doing Billie's course has changed how I will work as a doula forever. I can already see the profound change in my quality of care and how it’s making birthing women’s lives better."

Jodi Atkinson

Queensland, Australia


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Ontario, Canada

I have had the privilege of knowing Billie for several years and I  continue to be amazed at her level of knowledge and expertise, partnered with her deep desire and unmatched ability to support women.

I  myself am one of the women whose life has been changed by the care and wisdom of Billie. In addition to personally, as a spiritual care  provider, I have also benefited significantly in what I am able to offer to others, especially those who are impacted by trauma. Birth trauma is a far-reaching problem and Billie's work has better equipped me to support survivors in their recovery.  

Over her years of experience and  service, Billie has poured herself out as an advocate for women and for  justice. For anyone connected to birth, any time spent with her is pure gift. I am continuously amazed at how much Billie knows in her field of  expertise!!

After years of wrestling with what  she has seen and learned, through sweat and tears she has now worked to produced a resource that has the potential to significantly change the way society functions. Billie's course is a must. It's a must for service providers and for leaders of nations. It's a must for all human  beings because we're all connected to birth somehow.

There aren't enough words to express the value of the information we are given through Billie's expertise. From describing the crisis, to explaining its impact, to providing clear strategies for healing and change, this course TRAINS whoever is ready to become part of the solution.

Billie has offered a gift to humanity. No one should miss this opportunity to become informed!

Jodie Kennedy

Ontario, Canada

Spiritual Care & Coaching  

Perth, Australia


Nova Scotia, Canada

When I first heard the phrase "birth trauma", I was very curious as to what that could mean. My wife has given birth to three children, all in government health care facilities and, from my perspective, all seemed to be done in an efficient and safe manner.

My eyes were opened as I began reading about routine birthing procedures and the more I read, the more interested I became. I began to connect my limited experience with the information and research in Billie's course. It's very evident that the major concern is for the birthing mothers and how they are treated in hospitals and what needs to be done to protect them, respect them, and care for them as they give birth. 

As a father and grandfather, I want my own daughters to know more to be prepared and protected. In talking with my peers, they are unaware of what is happening to women in childbirth and are surprised to discover all is not well behind closed doors. 

This course is packed with information. The section on nutrition and recovery from trauma is applicable for everyone hoping to improve their overall eating habits.

This course is an eye-opener for health professionals and expecting mothers and fathers, as well as their families and loved ones. I hope as many as possible will take this course to ensure all mother have a respected and safe birth experience.

Dalton Mather,

Nova Scotia, Canada 

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